We currently have many children who are waiting for mentors. Some of these youth have been waiting for more than a year.  To find out more about mentoring, please click here.


Check out the profiles below of the youth we have waiting. You could be change, be the difference, be the good in one of these children's lives. To be a mentor, all you have to be is yourself....


Name: Tyson, 12

Tyson comes from a single parent home. His dad was deported over 5 years ago. His dad now has a new family, which hurts Tyson a lot.  He has an older sister that he really struggles to get along with; she is a teenager and has little patience for Tyson.  His mom is very loving and wants what is best for Tyson.  He has very few real friends and gets bored quickly and doesn’t have a lot of people to have fun with.  
Interests:  Tyson likes video games, being outdoors, an interest in soccer, bike riding, fishing, Pokémon, movies, and swimming.  He really needs to be more physically active and try some new things.  Tyson would benefit spending time away from home - seeing and trying new activities.  
Personality:  Tyson is a nice boy, but he does not have many friends, and struggles to keep on task. He badly wants a male mentor.  He lacks self-confidence and is sometimes emotional with his mother.  Getting out and doing just about any normal activity would be very helpful to Tyson.

Name: Chris, 16

Chris lives with his mom, older sister and 2 younger sisters. He does not consistently spend time with his dad, so his mom is his primary guardian. Chris does not get along well with his siblings and often they avoid him to keep from arguing. He is the only boy in the family, and he feels very left out. Chris does not have the ability to achieve what the average student can. He does not like school, and he has few real friends. His teachers feel he is very immature and struggles when he does not get his way.   He is very respectful to male faculty at school.
Interests: Chris enjoys video games, being outdoors, riding bikes, going to the park, fishing, swimming, and going out to eat. Chris has not gotten to do a lot of different activities, and a mentor could help broaden his horizons.
Personality:  Chris badly wants a mentor.  He was very nice to talk to one on one, and he was happy to share information about himself. He would really enjoy spending time with a guy, and being the center of attention. He needs to spend time out of the house, and do more physical activity.

Name: Morgan, 15

Morgan is 15 years old and lives in Jasper.  She is an only child and lives with her mom. She does not have visitation with her dad.  Morgan struggles making and keeping good relationships. Her school grades and behavior could be improved.  Morgan is in some special classes, attends therapy and sees the schools guidance counselor to help her deal with any issues she has.  
Interests:  Morgan loves animals, being with her friends, swimming, helping people in need, and helping little kids.  She rides bike, goes to movies, bowls, crafts, and takes care of her pets.  
Morgan needs a very strong positive role model to help her learn how to treat others and how to be a good friend.  

Name: Owen, 7

Owen is one of 5 children and is the youngest sibling.  He has mom and dad both in the home, and they are learning how to function as an intact family.  There is a lot of activity and it can be a bit overwhelming for the family members.
Interests:  Owen enjoys video games, being outdoors, football, basketball, bike riding, swimming, his scooter,  YouTube videos,  action figures, Imaginex, and any electronics.  He likes just about anything to get him out of the house.   
Personality:  Owen is a fun kid, who seems to have a good sense of humor.  At times he has low self-confidence and needs some one-on-one attention from a mentor that will help build him back up.  He would be a fun mentee, and he enjoys a lot of different activities.

​Name: Grace, 13

Grace lives in Huntingburg with her mom, step-dad, and 4 siblings.  The home can be a bit overwhelming and the children could use more one on one supervision and attention.  Grace has a difficult relationship with a couple of her siblings and it is a struggle to get along.
Interests: swimming, playing volleyball, any kind of sport or activity.  She is a “girly girl” so shopping, hair, nails are things she really enjoys as well.  
Personality: Grace ​is a very smart girl but does not always work up to her abilities and sees school as social hour - not as a place to learn.  Grace also needs some personal one on one attention from a strong female role model who can show her what hard work and dedication can achieve.

Name: Blake, 11

Blake comes from a home that consists of his dad and his dad’s girlfriends family.  He really likes them all - for the most part.  He sees his mom every other weekend, where he has a little sister too.  He used to live primarily with mom, however for the last year or so lives mostly with dad.  
Interests:  Blake likes anything video game related: playing them or watching others play them! He likes YouTube videos, he loves sports, baseball, basketball, soccer,  Magic the card game, and riding bikes.  
Personality:  Blake is not shy! He is very smart and outspoken for a boy his age. He sometimes tries to “parent” other kids in the household. He is a bit sarcastic and is working on this.  He would enjoy getting out of the house and being the center of attention.

​Name:  Reed, 13

Reed comes from a home in which his grandmother is his guardian.  His mom also lives there so he does have a relationship with her.  He has 2 brothers and 1 sister.  He would really like some time away from home and his siblings.
Interests:  Reed really loves football and working out.  He is working very hard to keep his grades up so he can join the football team next year.  He loves any kind of sport, being outside, exercise, going to the park and keeping active.  He also likes skating, going to games and video games too.
Personality:  Reed is a nice young man, he is talkative, easy to engage, really looking forward to having a mentor, open to spending time and getting to know a new friend.  

Name:  Seth, 7

Seth lives in a home with his mom, younger sister, and older brother.  They live with extended family due to mom’s work schedule.  They seem to have a very loving family.  
Interests:  Seth likes normal little boy stuff:  being outdoors, building things, Legos, parks and playgrounds, swimming and, of course, electronics.  
Personality:  Seth is a quiet little boy, but does open up and  even tries to be funny - after you get to know him.  He could use some help gaining confidence and showing the world how very special he is.  

Name:  Nolan, 9

Nolan lives with his mom, younger sister, and younger brother.  They live with extended family due to mom’s work schedule.  They seem to have a very loving family.  
Interests:  Nolan likes normal little boy stuff:  being outdoors, building stuff, Legos, parks and playgrounds, swimming and electronics.  Nolan also likes helping others, music, books, and just about anything outdoors.  
Personality: Nolan really cares about everyone around him and puts others needs ahead of his own.  He tends to worry about the people he cares about.

Name:  Max, 14
Max lives in an apartment in Huntingburg with his 2 sisters, and 2 brothers, his mom and step-dad.  Their home is a busy place with lots of kids coming and going.  
Interests:  Max is interested in history, war, army, and anything that is patriotic.  He loves electronics, science, and YouTube videos.  He likes swimming, camping, fishing, Star Wars, reading and animals.  
Personality:  Max is in some special classes and does not have much in common with his siblings so he tends to be a loner.  He really needs a mentor that will allow him to be himself and encourage his interests.   

Name:  Allie, 6
Allie lives in an apartment in Huntingburg with her mom, dad, and teenage brother.  She has a very close relationship with her mom and really needs to form some more trusting relationships.
Interests:  She loves her cat, watching movies, bike riding, playing with kids in the neighborhood.  She is interested in cheerleading, learning to swim, singing, dancing, and gymnastics.  
Personality:   Allie is a sweet little girl who works hard to accomplish tasks, loves animals, and is very caring toward others.  

Name:  Nate, 11
Nate living in an apartment in Huntingburg with his mom, step-dad 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  Their home is a busy place with lots of kids coming and going.
Interests:  Nate loves sports especially soccer, baseball, swimming, fishing, anything outdoors.  He also loves going new places, loves electronics, bike riding, and any kind of game or sport.
Personality:  Nate is a fun kid always up for a new activity and is easy to get to know.  He really needs a good male role model in his life to look up to.  

Name:  Chase, 13
Chase lives in a home with his mom, step-dad and 2 younger siblings.  His family seems to be very busy and finding time to do things with only Chase is difficult.
Interests:  bike riding, soccer, games, video games, playing outdoors, going to the park, going out to eat, movies with super heroes and music.
Personality:  Chase has a difficult time with his young siblings and really craves one on one time with caring adults.  He, at times, is very focused on what he wants and it takes some time to engage him with new ideas or activities.