Our Mentors are both male and female, and have a variety of interests, backgrounds, careers, and networks!  We match youth with individuals or with couples who have been in a committed relationship for at least one year.

To be a Mentor, volunteers must:

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We ask our mentors to spend  2 hours every other week for a minimum of one year with their Youth. That's just 4 hours a month!


We don’t ask for Mentors to spend a lot of money or do lavish activities with their youth. Simply spend some time together and share conversation.  When your match begins, we offer online training and ongoing support through regular monthly conact with our Case Manager. We also provide monthly outings (which are optional and always free of charge) as well as match activity ideas on our Facebook page.




1. Complete your application. You can apply online or download the Mentor application and mail to our office. (PO Box 86 Jasper, IN 47546)

2. We will then run a background check and contact your references.

3. Next comes an in-person interview. Relax! You've got this. We just want to get to know you.

4. Then we'll schedule a time to stop by your home - just have to make sure all is safe and sound.

5. We'll work together to find you the best youth to be matched with. Mentors get to pick the child they are matched with - so you can choose a youth with common interests.

6. We'll will accompany you to meet the youth and his or her family for the first time.


CONGRATULATIONS! You did it. We thank you. Your youth thanks you.